Thursday, March 4, 2010

How to remove paint...?

I need to remove several layers of paint off a stone wall in an old building.(1858). Someone told me there's some stuff that's clay-like that you spread on the wall, then put a layer of paper material over it, let it dry, and rip it off. The guy told me it takes off up to 7 layers of paint. I asked about this at Home Depot and they looked at me like I was nuts. Anyone know of such a thing? Or something comparable. It's an enclosed attic space, so sandblasting and harsh chemicals are out of the question. Thanks! How to remove paint...?
i believe it is this to remove paint...?
i do have one suggestion there is this very strong cleaning product called mean green, now its so strong it can burn the paint off most things, now find it and give it a try, i suggest wearing a gas mask though
What's the reason? Instead of sand blasting, you could just use sand paper. Or re-paint over it.

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