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I painted a brick wall with one coat of paint and need to know how to remove it.?

more than likely will have to sandblast it of because the bricks are coarse--you will not have any luck with strippersI painted a brick wall with one coat of paint and need to know how to remove it.?
Well, you kinda made a mess, but if you really want to get the paint off, you need to blast it off. You can have it professionally done, or get the supplies you need at some hardware or paint stores. Glass bead or walnut shell will remove the paint while not destroying the brick. If you use paint remover, you will soften the paint and actually make it go deeper into the pores of the mortar and brick. Other than that, there is only one answer as the other person stated, re-paint it.I painted a brick wall with one coat of paint and need to know how to remove it.?
Try a hire place like HSS where you can hire a needle gun which removes paint from brickwork. There's also another power tool but I can find their catalogue at the moment. Sand blasting would work but that would create a lot more mess.

Try HSS though.
You did not specify if the wall was inside or outside. If it is inside you got a big mess to deal with. If outside, I would start by renting a heavy duty pressure washer. I had to removed paint from bricks and concrete when I had the trim work on my house painted. Of course, I didn't have as much paint to remove as you do. But, it is worth a try. Also, if just pressure washing does not do the trick you could probably spray on a paint stripper and give it time to process. Apply it with a pump-up hand sprayer,then pressure wash it.
If the bricks are not ';facing'; bricks, that is, where the visible surface is a thin coating on what is otherwise a ';common'; then sandblasting is the only way to remove the paint, leaving a clean attractive brick surface showing. If the bricks ARE ';facing'; bricks, sandblasting, while removing the paint, will also remove the facing and leave the ';common'; brick surface showing, probably not attractive.
paint remover
paint stripper should do the job
The only thing I know to do is to get a heat gun and a scraper .
i dont think ya can maybe only sandblast
Check out the ';Illustrated Guidelines for Rehabilitating Historic Buildings'; under 'masonry' There are explicit steps for removing paint from brick.
Take a seven pound hammer and a good swing, a few well placed blows and you will be left with a pile of bricks. If you wish to remove the paint and keep the wall, try either a good paint remover or several buckets of sand and cement render. Good luck whichever way you go, don't forget to sheet the furnature down as wives get uptight when a layer of dust and rubble coats up your bits and pieces....
i don't now how but i say get paint remover or chisel's it off or erm paint ova it ! ? or wall paper ?
Just keep on painting over it that鈥檚 it, use Paint remover if its spray use graffiti remover
build another wall after you pull the first one down...wont need painting for a few years then....
Most likely you did not do any prep work to the wall prior to painting.

A pressure washer will take it off .
Admin offers the best, viable solution. Other methods may work in a limited way, but the texture and the porous nature of brick will still show paint residue.

Steven Wolf

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