Saturday, March 13, 2010

How to paint plywood ?

You need to sand the wood and apply an undercoat so the wood does not bleed through.How to paint plywood ?
I'm assuming you mean regular wall paint, the best think you can do is layers of paint, the more layers the smoother the surface would be.... you could try sanding it down to decrease the roughness of the wood, but I'm pretty sure that would just degrade the wood and possibly cause it to fall apart. My recommendation is just layers of paint, make sure you wait for the previously layer to dry completely... good luck How to paint plywood ?
It needs to be sanded if there are any splinters, depending on what it is for. Then you need to prime it,one coat, with a good primer like Kilz or whatever you prefer. Then painted with indoor paint if its used indoors and outside paint if used outdoors. 2 coats of that.

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