Tuesday, March 16, 2010

How to paint cat on malayasia?

are you Malaysian, you can't even spell Malaysia.!


so bear in your mind, it's spelled ';Malaysia';..How to paint cat on malayasia?
it is best done when the cat is sleeping,,

take a pail full of paint and pour on the poor cat while it is sleeping,,

are you going to keep he cat after that?How to paint cat on malayasia?
paint cat(panjat)?malayasia?

no malayasia such country!!!!

malayasia cannot panjat!!!!
..why its cruel...

cat (malay) = paint

don't need to paint your cat bcoz

you can get a lot of colored ';cat'; in store!
Paint cat(paint) on malaysia? Paint a flag.
paint C.A.T. on the public wall.
Mr Singh! buy a paint brush and paint ayn's cat!
your welcome to paint my neighbor cat....lets come to my house
not paint la.....err easy just soak it in the paint ....ahak ahak
Grooming center and dye them
sir kebin anak semit
That's cruel.
You so free ah..paint my eyebrows lah!
What color you want??

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