Saturday, March 13, 2010

My ceilings been painted with watered down paint more water then paint how is it going to effect it?

I paid someone to paint my popcorn acoustic ceiling in my bedroom. I think he tried to rip me off and instead of painting it, I think he mixed flat wall paint with water in a hand sprayer and just sprayed the ceiling to clean it and make it appear more white. I never saw a single bucket of paint, or any rollers, there was no taping anything off, or using something to cover my floor or plastic for the walls etc. The ceiling looks like puffy mash potatoes. It looks about 3 times the size it use to be, like white clouds. Plus there is a ring around my ceiling fan that extends outward about 5' and its a different color then the rest of the ceiling. How would I know if he sprayed it with water vs painting it? AND if he did over wet the ceiling, what will happen from here? If there is water trapped behind the acoustic now, will it weigh it down and start falling off? Will the water dry out eventually? Will it mold under the acoustic popcorn? Does a painted acoustic ceiling look like puffy clouds 3'; thick when painted for the first time? Is it possible to paint it wihtout leaving any type of mess at all? What should I do?My ceilings been painted with watered down paint more water then paint how is it going to effect it?
Kndkcook2, painting a popcorn ceiling should be done with a airless sprayer and it sounds to me like you've been had. Yes, there's been too much water or paint applied here and that's why the ceiling looks like this. If it's dry and has this appearance there's a good chance the texture will begin to crack and come down in pieces and maybe sheets. If it does your going to have to scrape down and redo the cieling.

If your going to have to remedy this yourself I can walk you through a likely fix, but we'll need to get on it pretty much right away before the texture starts to let go. Without actually seeing it I'm making an educated guess from the past experience of going in after someones done what you've described; and if so, the remedy is fairly easy and shouldn't require you to have or purchase or rent expensive tools.

I'm going to pass you the ball here and now simply say that you need to review who I am. . . if you want me to help you out subsequent to this answer then get back to me and I'll do what I can to further help you out with this. In closing I'm goiing to state that in the future always be sure of the competence and ethic of who you bring into your home to do work; if the individual or persons are not known by reputation, thoroughly check them out by asking for a customer/client list; call them and/or look at their work.

Mike Lonergan

TradesProfessional, Inc.

http://tradesprofessional.comMy ceilings been painted with watered down paint more water then paint how is it going to effect it?
Why not call him back and ask him these questions? After all, he's the one with the answers.

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