Tuesday, March 16, 2010

How to paint good?

start taking painting classesHow to paint good?
If you really want to learn to paint well, you have to have someone experienced who can tutor you, and you have to spend

a lot of time by yourself practicing. No one gets to be good at anything without an inordinate amount of time practicing.How to paint good?
To learn technique, you can take a course at you local community college.

It will help you to paint better but it will not make you an artist. That has to come form inside.

But with practice you can learn to paint ';well';.
U must have the right paint %26amp; the right brush %26amp; know how to use them
First of all u should have taste in it.I mean talent
practice and experimentation - and enjoy it :)
ok, get some paint( choose the most direseable coulour), find a brush ( preferablely thick bristled, for the widest affect possible) and paint G O O D on the nearest wall, cieling or bus station and run as fast as you can before the police show up and arrest you for being a little vandal!
relax take a paper and draw on it whatever comes to mind:)

it works!then use manu colours...the brighter the better!have fun!
To dip a paint brush in colour and apply it on the paper.

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