Tuesday, March 16, 2010

How to make red paint..?

How can you make red paint with;; orange, yellow, brown, green and blue acrilyc paint?How to make red paint..?
I dunno if ya can make red paint...I can't think of any colours that would make it! I know you could use orange but i don't know what you could mix it with... Try it wit blue and see what happens but it could be a disaster!!How to make red paint..?
your going to have to buy red paint, it is a primary color so you can't combine colors to create red.
Printers make Red by combining Yellow and Magenta (called process blue) in equal proportion. These are transparent color inks. Acrylics would be non-transparent, solid colors. Your primary colors are then Red, Yellow and Blue. From these you make the other colors. You cannot make Red this way.

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