Thursday, March 4, 2010

How to remove paint off a car?

hey everyone my cousin backed up and rubbed her car against a wooden fence and got the fences white paint on her car, how can you get that white paint off? i was thinking maybe laquior thinner but i think that would take off the auto paint too which is what i dont want i know that stuff is really strong. but if that doesnt work what do i need to do to get it off ? thanks for your helpHow to remove paint off a car?
Try some rubbing compound or a polish that's on the abrasive side. Clay bar might work too. A paint thinner will actually be okay to use as long as you don't leave it on too long. I got a little pint scuff off with nail polish remover once. Just put some on, rub a few seconds and hose off with water. Repeat till the paint is gone. If you have a good coat of clear on the car and it has wax on it, it's pretty well protected.How to remove paint off a car?
Any buffing or rubbing compound will do the trick. You can use thinner but be very care full as to not let it sit there too long. Apply the thinner to a rag and make a few passes then let it dry. Repeat till its all off and wax it. The factory paint is very hard. Do not allow the thinner to come into contact with any textured, unpainted plastic trim. It will melt it instantly. Your local automotive paint jobber will sell some stuff called ';clay Magic';. It works wonders for all things on paint (acid rain, overspray, bugs etc) and wont scuff the surface.
Acetone on a rag and rub,GONE.

That is what is in nail polish.

Remember to re wax.

Rubbing compound will work but you will take clear and paint off if not care full.
Mild rubbing compound%26gt; Lacquer thinner will cut into the clear coat%26gt;The fence paint is either latex Or Enamel goop might remove it%26gt;
try a buffer and a compuond that can be picked up from a local auto parts store such as advance auto parts

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