Thursday, March 11, 2010

How much to paint a small bathroom?

Room is approximately 10' x 10'

Painting include trim and ceilingHow much to paint a small bathroom?
Professional painters usually charge about $300 for a room, at least in my area. And you have to provide the paint, and it needs to be a top-quality brand (figure one gallon at $25 to $30).

Bathrooms are pretty hard areas to work in, so don't expect a bargain.How much to paint a small bathroom?
We just painted a 5x5 powder room and used less than one gallon painting over builder's white and did not include the ceiling. Had we the one gallon would have been plenty. I paid $36 for the gallon but it was one of the higher priced paints. I could have paid less for other companies but I liked the colors better in the one I chose. If you are painting over white, 2 gallons should work for you but you might want 3 just to be sure. It's nice to have touch up paint later. Bathrooms are a pain to paint I will have to say.
No matter what size bathroom you have, there are many decorating ideas that can make it appear more spacious and open. By using different decorating techniques, you can keep a well functioning bathroom look comfortable and luxurious all at the same time.
1-3 gallons of the same or different paint

go to the following to get prices:

A gallon will get you one coat on but I'd do 2 coats, especially in a bathroom.

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