Sunday, March 7, 2010

How much to paint a car?

i want to paint a new VW convertible pink

how much will tha cost me?

please dont say it depends i already i no i want an average amount

please and thank u C:How much to paint a car?
It really does depend. If you just want a cheap paint job that has a one year warranty and won't last much beyond that before it starts flaking off, then places like MAACO and Earl Scheib will do it for a few hundred. But if you want a paint job that looks good, doesn't show the original color when you open the doors, hood,and trunk and comes with a lifetime warranty then be prepared to spend $3 to $5,000.How much to paint a car?
This is C R A Z Y!!! German paint systems practically fuse the paint to the metal (or plastic) The paint is electrically charged and magnetically attached. The original paint from the factory is warrantied for 12 years. WHY SCREW WITH IT?!?!?!?! They have pretty much perfected the whole clear coat thing. The paint itself is a powder that doesn't really ever dry. THESE ARE EXPENSIVE PAINT JOBS. It is one reason people pay top dollar for them. If you want to paint a car pink, try a Mustang convertible. YOU WILL RUIN the VW since other paints will NOT even stick to it's surface!! Try using large, pink, decals, instead, if you can find them. At least this won't ruin things. It is almost impossible to change the color of a car, cheaply, and professionally. To do this right requires removal of ALL glass, carpetting, window seals, mirrors, instrument cluster, seats, engine, trans, door panels. SEE????? I know you can buy big pink decals. I just don't know from where. I have seen VW bugs with red spots that make it look like a real beetle. Get the idea??
a good paint job will cost between 3,500 and 5k.

If it is an old beater that you don't want to put a lot of money in you can go to one of those $500 shops. They will not do any prep work and the paint will not last very long.
250 for a cheap fast crapy job all the way up to 20000 for the best. if your looking for some thing close to a factory paint job 4000-6000

it really does depend

3,000 for something halfway decent

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