Sunday, March 7, 2010

Help me learn how to paint!?

I have no clue how to paint. I am deciding on colors now.

What supplies will I need?

Where can I get the best deal on quality products?

Will I need tarps to cover my furniture?Help me learn how to paint!?
Ask matt! Anyway I think we need those roller things. Tarps, yes but we should check with daddy-o maybe he has that stuff.

Best deals? Daddy0Help me learn how to paint!?

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you can go to home depot /lowes /osh /etc.and check the advertised specials. You need a roller and replacements ,paint trays,paint brush,blue tape ,putty knife, latex caulkin,wall patch cement ,paint tarp or plastic,old news paper ,screw driver ,sand paper and paint thinner,and maybe a worn-out outfit .Have in mind that paint comes flat (not shine)semi-gloss(a little shine)gloss(shine)high gloss(a lot of shine)depending where you are going to paint you need to take all the stuff hanging on the walls including nails and cover the floor with a paint cloth or plastic if you have a lamp or ceiling fan cover with paper and tape take off the electrical covers (no need to turn off the power )cover the switches with tape ,windows,also cover the door knob (if you're going to replace it don't bother)then patch all the holes with a wall patch compound for the big holes or use latex caulking to cover the smaller holes you need to sand were patch the big holes ,then you can apply primer on the surface including doors and trim(depending on the paint that you bought select the correct primer)then paint white or light color the doors and trim after it then after is dry you can put tape around the door and the trim then you can start painting the ceiling ,if it's a different color wait until is dry then put tape around to divide the two colors then paint the walls after everything is dry remove tape, (retouch paint if you need )screw the electrical covers back then clean all tools with paint thinner and you're done.鈥?/a>鈥?/a>鈥?/a>

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